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Hospital and health system boards of trustees face a broad range of leadership challenges, including but certainly not limited to the uncertainties of health care reform and delivery system transformation; ensuring high quality and a safe patient environment; building financial stability; envisioning and sustaining a sound strategic direction; growing board leadership through effective governance succession planning; and building vibrant and effective public trust and confidence.  Boards of trustees will be successful in dealing with these issues if they understand the most critical components of governing leadership effectiveness, and successfully transform those practices into consistent governing leadership habits.  

CompareWell provides tools for your board to better understand where it currently performs well, has opportunity for improvement, and can take action toward best practices:

  • Best Practices for Building a High Performance Board includes 157 qualities that, when practiced consistently will help to ensure the board performs its critical leadership accountabilities with a high level of accountability, trust and expertise.  Yes/no checkboxes appear next to each governance quality.  Board members, executives and medical staff leaders can determine whether the board possesses the qualities or exhibits the practices, helping to identify leading areas for potential “governance gain.”
  • Governance Structure and Practices Comparison, Based on findings in the Center for Healthcare Governance 2014 National Health Care Governance Survey Report includes a wide range of governance practices researched over the past ten years by the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) Center for Healthcare Governance and summarized in their report, the 2014 National Health Care Governance Survey Report.  Various governance criteria in the Center’s report are included in the document, which provide tables that allow organizations to compare their board’s structure and practices to those across the country.