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OrientWell™ includes a comprehensive, customizable governance manual that will help to ensure your board has a foundation for governing success.  The governance manual builds understanding and knowledge of:

  • The hospital or health system, including its mission, governance and management, facilities, operations, and key issues
  • Trustee roles and responsibilities
  • The expectations of trustees
  • Governance accountabilities
  • Health care issues and trends
  • Other information relevant to building high-performance governance

The customizable model governance manual is comprised of seven sections:

  • A quick-start orientation
  • A section for hospitals to complete with facts and information about their hospital
  • An overview of basic health care information  hospital trustees must understand, including an overview of regulatory basics and payment structures
  • An overview of the leadership roles within the organization
  • The board’s governance operations in key areas such as the board’s fiduciary duty, strategic planning, confidentiality and more
  • A section for hospitals to complete with information about association memberships
  • Appendix placeholders for organizations to insert their sample meeting schedule, bylaws, committee charters, strategic plan, and liability insurance information