A principal accountability of your board is to ensure that the organization has effective executive leadership at the top.  

A well thought-out succession plan includes job specifications with desired CEO qualities tied to the strategic plan, CEO performance expectations, and key performance indicators used to measure both organizational performance and for inclusion in the CEO compensation equation.  The succession plan should also include the necessary skills, qualities and characteristics required of the organization’s chief executive, a clear step-by-step process for selecting a new CEO, analysis of issues and challenges that may be encountered during an executive transition period, and an emergency plan to be undertaken in the event of a sudden and unexpected loss of the chief executive.

The LeadWell CEO Succession Planning Toolkit includes:

  • Introduction and overview to the CEO succession planning process
  • A customizable sample CEO Job Description
  • A customizable sample CEO Candidate Profile
  • A customizable sample CEO Interview and Assessment Form
  • Recommended CEO onboarding strategies, with templates for timeframes and accountabilities
  • A BoardBrief focused on ensuring stability in leadership succession
  • A BoardBrief focused on onboarding a new CEO
  • A document that clearly maps the various roles of the board and management in key responsibility areas