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Well thought-out policies and procedures set a clear expectation and standard for the manner and process in which certain situations and issues will be handled.  

Policies are generally developed to manage the organization’s risk exposure.  They are written to prescribe the actions and procedures to be followed that may prevent potential problems from occurring.  To protect the public or other vested parties, some policies are required by law or regulation, such as conflict of interest and whistleblower policies. 

Our fully customizable set of 26 sample governance policies will help to ensure your board has the well thought-out policies and procedures it needs to be an accountable, effectively governed organization.  GuideWellTM includes 1) an overview of key policy information, including why they are essential, policy formats and components; 2) 12 customizable IRS Form 990 policies; and 3) 14 additional customizable governance policies.  

IRS Form 990-Related Policies

  • Board Meeting Documentation
  • Charity Care
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Debt Collection
  • Document Retention and Destruction
  • Executive Compensation
  • Expenses and Reimbursement
  • Form 990 Review
  • Gift Acceptance
  • Joint Venture 
  • Public Disclosure
  • Whistleblower Protections

Other Policies

  • Board Education
  • Board Meeting Conduct
  • CEO Expectations and Performance
  • Complaints Review
  • Disruptive Behavior in the Workplace
  • Donor Recognition
  • Investment - Master Investment Policy
  • Investment - Daily Cash
  • Investment - Retirement Plan for Employees
  • Investment - Sale of Securities
  • Organizational Communication
  • Role of Board Committees
  • Safe Hospital Environment
  • Selection of External Auditors