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BoardBriefs explore the fundamental roles and responsibilities of hospital boards, as well as current “hot topics.” They typically range in length from three to ten pages, and are designed to expand governance knowledge and improve the leadership effectiveness of hospital governing board members. BoardBriefs included in GovernWellTM include:

Boardroom Basics

  • Maximizing Board and Management Leadership Effectiveness: Understanding the Difference Between Governance and Management Responsibilities
  • The Board's Fiduciary Responsibility: Putting the Community’s Trust Into Action
  • Building the Foundation for Success: Developing a Powerful and Purposeful Mission, Values and Vision
  • The Board's Role in Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Execution - The Plan Following the Plan
  • Financial Basics for Trustees
  • Ensuring Conflict-Free Governance
  • The Role of the Board Chair
  • Succession Planning Today for Tomorrow's Trustee Leaders
  • Supercharging Governance Substructure: How to Build Effective Committees, Task Forces and Advisory Councils
  • Governance Risk - What Trustees Need to Know
  • Speaking Up for Your Hospital: Advocacy Basics for Trustees
  • New Trustee Orientation - The Foundation for Success
  • Building Constructive Hospital/Physician Relationships and Alignment

Current Trends and Issues

  • Governance Strategies for Building Trust Through Transparency
  • Price Transparency: The Board Sets the Tone
  • Hospital Billing and Collections - The Scrutiny Isn't Going Away
  • Strategic Affiliation - Is There a Partner in Your Future?
  • What's Right About America's Health Care
  • Communication Connection: Maximizing Relationships in a Technology-Centered World
  • Governing in a Wired World
  • Protecting Your Hospital’s Confidential Patient Health Information: What Trustees Need to Know About Cybersecurity
  • The Changing Competitive Landscape: Changes, Challenges and Opportunities Ahead
  • Eliminating Health Care Disparities: Ensuring the Best Care for All
  • Preparing for the Worst, Leading with the Best: The Board’s Role in Disaster Readiness
  • Image in the Balance: The Governing Board’s Role in Media Relations

Health Care Transformation

  • Becoming a Visionary Board in an Era of Transformation
  • Putting Your Mission to the Test: Managing the Health of a Population
  • Health Care Reform Payments Simplified: Breaking Down the Basics
  • Governance as Leadership: Reframing the Work of Nonprofit Boards

Quality and Patient Safety

  • The Board's Role in Quality and Patient Safety 1.0
  • The Board's Role in Quality and Patient Safety 2.0
  • The Board's Role in Quality and Patient Safety 3.0
  • Infusing Quality Throughout the Board’s Agenda

Community Connections

  • Becoming a Community-Centered Board
  • Understanding Your Environment: Practical Processes for Understanding Community Needs and Environmental Trends
  • Communicating Value: Using Your Community Benefit Report to Maximize Understanding, Loyalty and Support

Board/CEO Relationships

  • Building Bonds: Pathways to Better Board/CEO Relationships
  • The Board’s Role in CEO Compensation and Performance Evaluation
  • Continuity at the Top: Ensuring Stability in Leadership Succession
  • New CEO on Board

Health Care Workforce

  • Envisioning Tomorrow's Workplace
  • Adapting to Generational Differences in the Workplace
  • The Board’s Role in Nurturing a Positive Workplace Culture

Governance Improvement

  • Ensuring Success in a Transforming Health Care Environment: Governance Practices and Performance Assessment
  • Preventing and Curing Governance Diseases: Practical Prescriptions for Improving Governance Health and Wellness
  • 100 Ideas for Governance Improvement
  • Governance “Never Events”: 10 Leadership Failures that Should Never Occur in Hospital Boardrooms
  • Becoming a Remarkable Board: Unleashing the Power and Potential of Purposeful Governance
  • Transforming Your Hospital and Board of Trustees from “Good” to “Great”
  • Exceptional Community Service - The Governance Connection
  • Critical Conversations: Leadership Discussions the Board Should Have Now
  • Meetings People Remember – For the Right Reasons
  • Maximize the Value of Your Board Retreat
  • Is Your Board Benefiting From the Next Generation of Leaders?